A relatively recent and least understood evolution in SEO is STRUCTURED DATA MARKUP. This is one of the most powerful forms of SEO available today. With it you can boost your website's appearance, and in most cases the ranking, in the search engine result pages (SERPs). It makes your content stand out in Google and Bing searches, by enhancing with Rich Snippets, Breadcrumbs, or a Site links Search Box. It is an efficient way to increase your traffic from organic searches.

Structured data will have information formatted in a universally understandable way. Google, Bing and Yahoo use structured data to refine search results and enhance the way results are displayed. This makes it easier for users to find the information they're looking for and, at the same time helps the visibility of the sites.

The Need for Structured Data
Structured data is becoming very important in the search area. Although web pages have a meaning when users read them,  search engines only have a limited understanding of its content. For example, suppose you have a web page about jaguar. A search engine wouldn't necessarily know whether the word 'Jaguar' refers to the animal or to a car.
This makes it difficult for them to display relevant search results to a user. A user can derive the meaning of a word from the context of the web page, but search engines cannot do this.

The structured data markup is a way to tell the search engines what the content of the page is about. Of course, the search engines will not blindly take your word for it. The marked up data - called 'schema markup' - must conform with the actual content. Otherwise, the indexing will rank the page lower or not at all.

Can you do the markup yourself?
Start the mark up 
Yes, the markup can be done by the site owner relatively easily but it is time consuming. Getting it right is often a matter of trial and error and can take days or weeks. One must wait and see how the search engines have indexed the pages and make changes until it is right. There is no guarantee that search engines will accept your markup which often depends on the relevancy of the marked up data with the page's content, and can be quite tricky to get it right.

How does our service help?

With our extensive experience in web technologies and SEO, we can shorten the time required to get your pages marked up and enhanced in search engine pages (SERPs). The speed of indexing the pages is generally faster when we make the changes as against doing it yourself.

How much will it cost?
The cost depends on the number of pages you want to markup and the different types of schema markups you want to use. Since a result will not be visible overnight, it is necessary to continue to refine the markups over a period of several weeks and monitor the results. Therefore, an ongoing subscription - rather than a single payment - is required.

For the do-it-yourself service, where you do the markup using our software and get the markup code to be inserted into your pages, the cost is a fixed $89 per month. The prices for our professional service start at $495 per month for an average site and go up to $1,995 per month for a large site. There is no minimum contract, and you can cancel at any time, but generally 2-3 months are required to start seeing the effects on traffic.
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